Tea Shop site

This is a website design for a shop that sells custom tea online that you can get mailed to your home as a subscription or a gift to others. You can click through the prototype, and look at the moodboard.

I created the company idea, the branding and the strategy to inform the final website. My goal was to understand the entire process of designing a website from planning to the visual mockups. I created a sitemap, wireframes and the mockups to show the main functionality of the site: to customize tea and go through the checkout process to get it shipped to your home.

This is very much a company I wish I could take advantage of, I drink a lot of tea and prefer loose leaf teas to tea bags. I am also enchanted by being able to try all the different varieties and flavors.

I wanted this project to be well organized, and for the steps to be logical. I also wanted to have it be an enchanting environment, I challenged myself to use a broad color palette and used illustrations and photos to add to the experience of using the site.