Folk Musician Website

This is a site redesign for Malvina Reynolds was a folk singer who wrote “Little Boxes” as well as protest songs, children’s songs and poetry. The website is a wonderful project created by her daughter Nancy Schimmel that makes Malvina Reynolds’ work available online. You can click through the prototype and see the moodboard.

The challenge in this website design was that I was redesigning an existing website and wanted to respect the work of the current website while updating. Malvina Reynolds’ work is important to me, and I thought about the experience of another fan, an educator or a student using her website to learn and enjoy her work.

Unfortunately, my design proposal was not used but I feel that I did my part in honoring Malvina Reynold’s memory and I learned about the web design process. The planning behind the site was all about organizing the information and making it delightful to explore her work and discover new things. The visual design of the site sought to balance the playfulness of her work with the strong activist messages behind them. It had to be colorful, and I chose a playful typeface and included photos of the artist to make her the center of the site.