Bookstore Website

This is a website design for a bookstore that sells science fiction and fantasy books. I started with the mobile site first and then worked on the home page for the desktop site. The mobile site is essential because I wanted the website to be a comfortable place where a reader could engage with the site and find their next favorite book after being brokenhearted that they finished their last favorite book.

If you’d like to see my moodboard, it’s over at pinterest. There are some quirky examples of science fiction website design out there that was fun to collect. George RR Martin’s website and blog in particular have a strong personality.

You can click through the finished design, and the wireframes. I’ve written about the process behind the design of the book recommendation web app.

Since I would be working on this project on my own from start to finish, I wanted to use my experience as a bookseller to inform the project. My goal from the strategy phase to the visual mock ups was to translate the experience of going to an independent bookstore into a website. This meant that booksellers and staff picks were visible, as well as an option to get a recommendation from a web based app called The Machine.