A Web App for Children’s Book Recommendations

The finished prototype is available to click through to see all of the pages of the web app, and I wrote about the process behind creating it on my blog.

Missy is a web app that helps you find a list of book recommendations within a theme. The site is focused on children’s books and topics that would help adults have difficult conversations with children.

Mobile UI


This is a selection of wireframes, click through the wireframe prototype to see all the pages.

Site Map

Color Palette

The moodboard helped establish the styling for the site.


Style Tiles

I used style tiles to show the illustrations, colors and typefaces together before I started working on the final prototype. It was a way for us to talk about typeface, color, and the way that it fit in with the illustration before I started putting the final prototype together.



Read more about the process behind the project on my blog.

If you’d like to talk to me about this project, please  write to me or find me on twitter!

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